Which John Russo, a complete stranger in my experience, called me a great “Bit of s###

(5); Toward manager Hill refused to follow an issue We provided up against good John Russo exactly who purposely plowed their grand vehicle on the my protest signal and you may butt bumper shortly after trying cut off my annual protest for more than an hour or so left inside a yellow zone. ” very first. Officer Hill’s report is actually an item of fiction generally depicting me as an angry man. This is when i read regarding neighbors about how Monterey are subject to brand new Italian mafia. John Russo’s hit-and-run and you will injury to my personal signal was exempt from the cops.

He, conveniently, didn’t stimulate his looks cam, even though it will have mainly based a citation or not when the my system could be heard beyond fifty base

(6); In Monterey manager Hall quoted me for Cartagena kauniita naisia a lot of appears to possess vocal, unassisted, off my personal van so you’re able to a beneficial Sinatra Video game. . My very own testing shown I was Not into the ticket.

The dog owner also lied to indicate I happened to be yelling to your group

(7); Two days after I found myself cited getting a leisure disturbance regarding administrator Mosqueda for similar point merely a few room of another. This is a great blatant untrue declaration from The latest Whisky Bar bar exactly who bragged into broadcast, after, one Leon Panetta was a favorite member of its ‘club’. We never shouted whatsoever. Because I happened to be maybe not ready to survive pressure out of being required to, again, subpoena numerous lying officials so you’re able to a trial who does enjoys rejected my personal subpoenas performed We build a plea towards the very first in the event that the fresh new fees and penalties on the both have been waived as well as the next recharged ignored. In both things I was not guilty. Months until then club owner’s untrue grievance an alternative pub proprietor around the the street, Paul Whitecross, endangered so you can “Smash your (my) face instance a pumpkin…do not worry about you…we have ways to prevent your..” We actually was able to tape record their remarks.

It had been immediately after this type of back to back attacks back at my legal rights that we began introducing Leon Panetta via chat radio, signs on my van, “PANETTA MOLESTING Live messenger” televised city council conferences and you can newsletters and my website. Their child, Jimmy, within the for every single particularly, emerged on television days later on to produce funds getting public programs. Frequently he had been totally aware of my personal activism up against their loved ones term and you will starting wreck control. I am aware this courtroom Panetta is also alert to my activism prior to now in this regard. To deny very wouldn’t be legitimate getting since the productive due to the fact I became contained in this promotion inside the so quick a community while the Monterey.

(8); When you look at the a man is parked halfway toward my personal vehicle parking space pressuring us to reach his bumper not to get into violation, me. It was an authorities / library parcel. The man threatened to directly struck me forcing me to sanctuary towards library where I tried to get the librarian to label police but she would maybe not. Moments later, about presence with the guy who never started his lips otherwise wanted insurance rates otherwise anything, I found myself permitted to get-off. There can be zero ruin I caused to help you their vehicles. Months later on I acquired a beneficial summons off D.An excellent. Pacioni to have ‘hit-and-run.’ My public defender; Daniel Kutter, are a witness that officer Silonzolchic’s declare that the guy ever spoke beside me on my phone are a complete lay made out of whole-cloth. I presented your one phone’s record shows zero passion getting months ahead of their allege of talking to myself. Another mobile phone had changed that phone which he reached from dated police data files. The guy stated he talked with me however, I hung up after the guy required my insurance policies guidance. That never occurred whatsoever. You to definitely count try dismissed due to decreased facts however, are dragged out to have months despite We ended up my personal van you will n’t have triggered their concrete scrape from the beginning. Annually adopting the event it exact same people try located deceased in his automobile throughout the real parking place where i met per year just before. I was thinking he may getting a police medical looking to set me upwards. Strange.