To ensure that him to recuperate fully, Kirin is actually taken to their bed chamber

Some time later and you may Kirin organises a different watercraft for taking Ranma and you can co back again to Japan

Akane is beside their sleep and you can apologises for their methods while the it finished up reducing Kirin to help you their current state. Kirin throws down their chopsticks and Grain dish which he always deal the very first time as the he came across Akane and says to their own that for all his life he is never fulfilled anyone who cared as frequently to possess your as the she do.

Akane, beat with feelings, runs to help you the local wall since the sunlight rises and you can requires for forgiveness from Kirin. Immediately after listing how effortlessly the guy outdone Ranma, Kirin informs Akane he or she is truly the only man worthy regarding their. Akane upcoming tries to smack Kirin, however, he holds their unique hands prior to making get in touch with.

Kirin next will get from their sleep and you can asks Akane in the event that she loves so it “Ranma” exactly who she requisite back into Japan

Because Akane tells Kirin one Ranma may come right back, Kirin informs her he doesn’t worry and will not launch her to anybody. Kirin following attempts to hug Akane, but she movements their unique deal with away inside the refusal. Crazy a little, Kirin departs their chamber and you can tells Akane to arrange on marriage.

Having in the end returned to Seven Luck Hill, Kirin dispatches others Lucky Gods to try and beat Ranma. Then he waits inside the palace, during which go out the guy sees Akane in her wedding dress and notes exactly how breathtaking she appears.

Once group however, Ranma and Lychee arrived at the top of Kirin’s tower before the fresh new Scrolls are registered, Kirin will get angered at the them interrupting the standard ceremony and you can attacks the team, producing a giant white and that’s viewed regarding the tower’s ft. Akane, however, was troubled in the their unique friends becoming washed-out.

Simply after that Ranma and you may Lychee come too and thus Kirin prepares so you’re able to beat Ranma once and for all. The fight starts with Ranma using his “Katchu Tenshin Amaguriken”, however, Kirin is able to restrict this technique that’s in a position to help you stop each and every strike together with his chopsticks. Ranma, but not, sees it and you may realises ways to counter Kirin’s chopsticks. Ranma after that floods the brand new tower having liquid. Despite Kirin’s initially unimpressed response to it, the guy in the near future discovers as to the reasons Ranma performed so, since drinking water and this Ranma consistently attacks to your Kirin gets earlier in the day his chopsticks and you will countries blows in order to him because of the high speed the water was travelling.

Just after getting struck which have an effective flurry of blows regarding the h2o, Kirin says to Ranma he’s never experienced an opponent for example your in advance of. The 2 upcoming launch their strongest periods with Kirin having fun with his “Hundred or so Chopstick Sting” if you’re Rama uses their “Hiryu Shoten Ha”. To start with the brand new assault appears equally coordinated, however, Ranma’s Hiryu Shoten Ha happens ahead.

Sadly the energy put-out by the such periods explanations brand new geyser and this to begin with inundated the newest tower to help you twist violently and you will destroyed the tower. Within the torrent out-of drinking water, Kirin holds new unconscious Akane for the a relief shot. He then sees you to definitely Lychee is wanting to discover the almost every other Scroll half of, so sets Akane aside in order to recover they before one another Lychee and you may the fresh Scroll try crushed by the a massive little bit of particles (Ranma, at the same time, rescues Akane).

Because waters relax, Kirin offers Lychee out from the drinking water. After she regains consciousness the guy sets their own down. Lychee upcoming hands over their half new Browse, and Kirin matches with the a few halves to each other. Kirin and you will Lychee next stare at each other in silence as the the sun’s rays increases to their rear.

He in addition to acknowledges their defeat so you can Ranma and you will states he is unworthy regarding Akane as he tossed the guy out into the Scroll. In the event that case of what’s authored with the Scroll is elevated, Kirin opens up they when you find yourself Shampoo converts that it is a meal having very delicious Pickled Create and this a husband and wife in order to make to one another to own good, long lasting wedding. Happosai is then looked after because of the Ranma and you will co just like the he’s the person who got all of them with the it clutter.