You will find a wood meetinghouse found on a hill over the village

The new Puakea Department comprises the fresh Saints residing in a village out of you to title established near the northwest extremity of one’s isle of Hawawe‘i, from the region out of North Kohala, on four kilometers north of your landing-place Mahukona, into the coastline. Additionally there is a sunday school and a mutual Improve Connection. Keaweluna presides of branch, twenty-two people.

The fresh Honomakau Department embraces the New orleans saints residing in brand new town out of one to title as well as the new Commitment Mills mainly based in the a kilometer inland regarding north coastline regarding Hawai‘we, on district out of North Kohala.

The fresh new Halawa Branch embraces new Saints staying in the brand new community away from Halawa additionally the plantations out-of Halawa and you may Kohala, on the north coastline out-of Hawai‘we, about district out of North Kohala. The fresh meetinghouse, a timber building, is located in a little gulch with the borders of the community off Halawa. This new department features a sunday-school, a therapy People, and a common Improve Association. It is one of the liveliest twigs regarding the fulfilling. Halawa is mostly about 10 miles of the railroad northeast from Mahukona.

Honokane comprises almost the whole inhabitants of your town of this identity, that is based in new Honokane Gulch and you can shut on the about three sides of the high mountains, because the ocean is found on others

The fresh Hala‘ula Branch constitutes new New orleans saints dealing with new Kohala Plantation, that is oriented about one to and another-50 % of kilometers inland from the North Shore away from Hawai‘we on the section regarding Northern Kohala ranging from Halawa (from the a couple of kilometers southeast) and you may Connection Mills (around three plus one-half kilometers northwest). On the latter section of 1894, new foreman of your Kohala Plantation deprived brand new part chairman Keohuhu out of his domestic, where conferences were held, for the outcome of that part try briefly entered with the Halawa Branch, that they got belonged immediately after in advance of. There had been 50-around three participants regarding the part in the event that changes was created, and it is actually brand new addiction of these toward Halawa Part hence generated things truth be told there live.

Niuli‘we Department comprises the fresh Saints residing in the fresh new village and you can plantation from Niuli‘i, oriented around the north extremity of the area away from Hawai‘i, on district off North Kohala, throughout the a few kilometers inland and you can almost three miles regarding Honokane and new east terminus of the Kohala Rail. The brand new department is the owner of a timber meetinghouse, the best of the type throughout the fulfilling. Additionally there is a sunday school, a relief Area, and you may a mutual Improvement Organization. Honoli‘we presides across the department; fifty-nine users.

Which department, which includes forty-eight participants, is additionally for the Northern Kohala, enjoys an excellent meetinghouse, a sunday school, a comfort People and you can a mutual, that’s presided more than of the Nali‘we.

On Kawaihae, a beneficial seaport village webstederne inside Southern area Kohaha, you will find four members of the newest Church presided over of the Uliama Ho‘okuanui.

New department enjoys a wood meetinghouse and you will a sunday-school, eighty-around three members otherwise souls, and you will Kuamoa to possess president

On Kalaoa, a highly short indigenous village based in the brand new slopes on four kilometers inland off Kawaihae, there are 7 people in this new Chapel.

Waimea was a stock-increasing country on the tableland at feet regarding Mauna Kea, where in fact the everyone is involved with raising cows and ponies. The area is focused on 12 kilometers inland out of Kawaihae getting, toward western shore away from Hawai‘i, from inside the southern Kohala. The tiny part, presided more by the Kauwe, got thirteen players; a relief Society company in addition to can be acquired.

The new Waimanu Branch constitutes 50-six Saints remaining in brand new village out of Waimanu, located in a-deep gulch away alone, on the northeast coast from Hawai‘i, about area regarding Hamakua. Kuamo‘o presides over the part, which also keeps a sunday school and you will a mutual.