“New Gong Gong Is actually Outdone” —A beneficialdamorobe: A “Deaf Community” inside the Ghana and its own Wedding Ban getting Deaf People

Adamorobe try a community in Ghana where historical exposure off a genetic kind of deafness triggered a lot of deaf people. Along the centuries, an area signal words came up, that is used between deaf and you can hearing members of daily life, helping to make Adamorobe toward yet another place of introduction out of deaf some one. However, during the 1975, a legislation are lead to attenuate what amount of deaf anyone within the Adamorobe: deaf somebody try not to wed one another to prevent deaf offspring. In the long term, which rules threatens this new linguistic and cultural variety within this village the spot where the access to sign vocabulary is actually omnipresent and you may in which deaf folks are considered fully productive and you can deserving people in people. This information is prepared to one or two groups of tensions regarding the town, First of all, reading people’s anticipate and you will addition of deaf inhabitants, as opposed to the fresh wish to live-in a town no (or reduced) deaf individuals. Next, there can be a stress ranging from deaf people’s exposure to, and you may opposition up against, the law, this is a tension which might be seen in the life of relationship between deaf lovers, and you may abortions when this type of unions trigger pregnancies.

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Every-where [for the Adamorobe] new gong gong are beaten [to help you announce and you can give specific news]. We wondered: how it happened? Did things score stolen? Performed somebody get killed? However, one wasn’t the truth; the content are you to deaf some body you should never wed one another. The fresh new gong gong try defeated also it try said that deaf folks have to marry hearing somebody. Brand new gong gong are defeated, “Just like the deaf which have deaf get pupils just who are unable to listen to, can’t tune in to, can’t pay attention to.” Ooohh we had been surprised. Instance a pity…The brand new gong gong was defeated: marry hearing, wed hearing. Which have hearing, perhaps not which have deaf. Almost everywhere the gong gong are rung: “Marry hearing, upcoming hearing children are produced, hearing is created, hearing is actually born. That’s a beneficial, that’s right. Deaf deaf deaf people everywhere, no that is not an effective.” The brand new gong gong is actually beaten…Such as for instance a shame…(regret) [step 1,2].

“This new Gong Gong Is actually Outdone” -An effectivedamorobe: A great “Deaf Village” inside Ghana and its Wedding Prohibition for Deaf Couples

Within price, Adamorobe’s oldest deaf lady laments an ancient time. When you look at the 1975, within the first 12 months away from their chieftaincy, Nana Kwaakwaa Asiampong put a rules-promulgated in the village by the a gong gong beater-that deaf people in Adamorobe are not allowed to marry each other as this carry out produce deaf offspring. As an alternative, they need to orobe, deaf-reading unions tend to be less likely to bring onward youngsters one is deaf.

Adamorobe try a village in the southern Ghana in which 41 deaf someone alive certainly one of 3500 reading villagers. So it oddly high number out-of deaf villagers stems from the new historic visibility out of a beneficial “deaf gene,” an excellent Connexin twenty-six R143W mutation which was probably released from inside the Adamorobe courtesy marriage ceremonies within beginning Akan matrilineal clans, starting in this new later 18th century . Over the years, the requirement to talk to one another regarding thick sociocultural networks off Adamorobe keeps led to the fresh introduction out-of a neighborhood indication words employed by both deaf and you can hearing people. Adamorobe Signal Vocabulary (AdaSL) known and you may utilized by every deaf people in Adamorobe and you may from the a large part of your own reading inhabitants, that grown up seeing and ultizing what, and additionally Akan, the spoken code hur postorder brudar fungerar . For this reason, Adamorobe is named “ mumfo krow ” when you look at the Akan, definition “deaf community,” to possess since the number of people in the Adamorobe just who discover sign code is actually higher, they do say that outsiders usually do not automatically select who is deaf and you will who’s reading, which believe group in the Adamorobe try deaf.